About Me

I am Game Director and Lead Designer @ Flaming Flamingo

As a Game Director I believe we make games for players not for ourselves. So it's important to know the audience, what they like and expect from the game we're making. 

As a Game Designer it's very important to me that my game feels "just right". I've spent a lot of time researching interaction design and coming from animation background it's by far my strongest point as a designer. My hobby is procedural generation and I spent lots of time "researching" obscure roguelikes and writing generators. 

My love for games started with Atari 2600 and since my teens I've spent lots of time making games. It became my profession in 2007 and it continues ever since.  



Interaction design

Since I'm coming from an animation background it's important for me the game feedbacks all player interactions just right. I've spent a lot of time researching feedback mechanisms and microinteractions and what makes them really tick. 

Motivation design

It's really important to give player the reason to play the game. That's why is important to know who the player is, what are her motivations and how the game fulfills them. My motto is "we make games for players, not for other game developers". 

System design

I love when games are able to create something spectacular because of how their systems interact. Some of my favorite games are system heavy - like Ultima Online or Jagged Alliance 2, and are big inspiration in my daily work. 

Character Animation

I have a long background in character animation, that's why working on combat systems, animation systems, and all things that players interacts with comes to me with ease.